Start a Career with Red Cross Training for Nursing Assistant

Red Cross training for nursing assistants is a great way to enter the nursing profession, especially for those who are unsure if nursing is the right career choice for them. Additionally the Red Cross training program is perfect for those who want a career a nursing but have a limited amount of time and money to spend on training and education as well as those who have left another career and looking to retrain in the healthcare field and medical assisting. The nurse assistant training offered by the Red Cross lasts just a few weeks and costs between $1300 and $1900 depending on the city in which the training takes place and whether the cost of the program include the fee for the state Certified Nursing Assistant exam.

red cross training for cnas and nursing assistants

The Curriculum of the Red Cross Training for Nursing Assistants

The Red Cross training for nursing assistant includes classroom training as well as practical hands on training in a typical nursing assistant work environment. Both the didactic and the experiential training serve as a solid introduction to the nursing profession as well as the basic skills needed as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The textbook and other training materials use easily to understand language so the information is accessible to people from varied educational backgrounds.

The classroom Red Cross training involves coursework in the following areas:

• Anatomy and physiology (the study of the human body and how the body functions);
• Medical terminology and skills training to facilitate communication with healthcare professionals;
• The roles and responsibilities of nursing assistants;
• The techniques involved in caregiving in various community healthcare settings.

Additionally, those who take the Red Cross training for nursing assistants participate in activities in actual healthcare setting as part of their preparation to work as a nursing assistant. The majority of those who complete the program easily pass the Certified Nursing Assistant examination in their state.

Red Cross Training for Nursing Assistants Provides Job Placement Assistance

As an added benefit, the Red Cross program provides training to assist those who have completed the program find a position as a CNA. The topics covered include the following:

• Job search skills
• Training in how to write an effective resume
• Effective interview skills
• Time management skills with special attention to work/life balance issues
• Career and educational advancement opportunities.

The Red Cross training program for Nursing Assistants provides an affordable and time efficient gateway into a growing healthcare profession.

11 Responses to “Start a Career with Red Cross Training for Nursing Assistant”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Thanks for your info. Some of the best training I received as a new nursing assistant was via my local Red Cross. The course was very manageable time wise and a very inexpensive option for me – especially as a single mother! Thanks for your info!

  2. Susie Says:

    The Red Cross nursing asst program was a nice start for me. I checked with my local chapter and they were extremely helpful in helping me – especially as a “newbie”. Keep up the nice info!

  3. Gabrielle Says:

    Hope to see more info on CNA certification and the exam questions for me to practice? I am getting ready to take the test!

  4. Sammy Says:

    I took my initial training with the Red Cross in Texas! The Red Cross is such a shining example of helping others and even though I eventually became an RN 5 years ago, I still volunteer at the local Red Cross – they help so many people in need. I encourage others interested in nursing to check out Red Cross for help! Nice information here will be back.

  5. Antonio Harris Says:

    I really like this idea, but i want to know more about it. I was wondering for someone on little to no income, are there scholarships available ??

  6. ann clark Says:

    I am a CNA, and have been in the home companion field as well for 12 + years. CNA for 3 years now. I would love to further my education to an RN, someday when I have resources. Until then I love the Red Cross and what it stands for.
    Ann Clark

  7. Ed Says:

    Hey guys thanks for the CNA post here. I completed and passed my CNA EXAM!! Currently lined up some interviews for assisted living facility in my town. The Red Cross was not my program but they did answer many of my questions when I started out. Look forward to more info from you -

  8. angela andersen Says:

    i am a cma/cma trying to transfer to arizona out of omaha nebraska, what info will i need to take the exam? any info will be helpfull thanks angie andersen

  9. yvonda v Says:

    i am a cna in ga have been for about 5 years can i transfer mi liscence to abother state . i want to relocate to ky.

  10. Deanna Says:

    I finished my CNA training course through Red Cross in my area. Unfortunately, I took the course 1 year ago this last April. I’m self-employed and walked into a full-time position with a client shortly after I finished the course. I never returned to take the State Exam, which had to be completed within 1 year. I’m definitely going to stay tuned into this website for all upcoming information to push myself to get my State License. I’m glad I checked into the Red Cross over a year ago to get my certification:) I’ve been doing Private Duty Homecare for 7 years and fits my schedule with 3 boys and a single mom! Best of Luck to everyone on here:)

  11. Jamie Says:

    Thanks – I’d never thought about Red Cross for training! I will look for program in my city or nearby. Hoping to be an RN someday? Thanks for the info.

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